My nephew Caleb turned 18 today. It shocked me deeply. I didn’t realize that he was on the cusp of adulthood until today. He is a young man, no longer a boy. I must adjust the way I see him.

We don’t live in the same town, so I don’t have the visual cues to help me with growth. He is into technology and Marvel/DC worlds. We chat sometimes, mostly about Superman vs Batman. #teamSuperman! He has overcome many challenges and is a marvelous young man. I am a proud aunt!

I am thinking of the importance of celebrating milestones, those important passages in our lives. It is right and just that we celebrate regularly.

Today I celebrate Caleb and all he has triumphed over. I celebrate Caleb’s mom, my sister Karen, for persevering through circumstances that have broken many others. I remember Caleb’s dad, and am a little sad he didn’t live to see Caleb’s 18th. I celebrate Caleb’s siblings, Lauren and Christian, and I am eager to see what adulthood brings them

Our family has gone through a lot of struggle, but I believe the best years of our lives are ahead of us.

Celebrate your victories and milestones! Keep them close to your heart when times become difficult.

Onward and upward!